Service Policies

Our professional resources in culinary and service skills afford you complete assurance that all commitments will be carried out to your satisfaction. In order to ensure you and your guests of a well-organized function, we must ask that we both adhere to the following catering policies:

Payments and Consultation Fee

Billing arrangements for all events must be made in accordance with catering policies. There is a 50% deposit required on all events, unless prior arrangements have been made with our catering coordinator. The other 50% balance is due 1 day prior event. We accept cash, company checks and money orders. Checks should be made payable to CULINARY ASSOCIATES. There is a reasonable fee charged at initial consultation for 1 hour. If the event is booked, the fee will be applied toward the deposit. Culinary Associates will charge back to Patron all insufficient funds that return back to Culinary Associates from Patron, plus any charges that apply due to payment method of the Patron not satisfying any balances owed.

Late Payment

If for any reason, including (insufficient funds on check or credit card) payment is more than 7 whole days delinquent , there will be $50.00 late fee accessed to the patrons final invoice each day balance has not been settled.


The coordinator must be notified of the exact number for which you wish to guarantee services for not later than five business days before the event. In the event a guarantee service number is not received, the original estimated attendance count will be prepared and charged.


All applicable state and local taxes will be imposed and paid by the patron. If the patron’s organization is tax exempt, CULINARY ASSOCIATES must receive a certificate reflecting the patron’s exemption status not later than five working days before the event.


If the Patron cancels a contracted food, alcohol and non/alcohol beverages, floral event and/or facility CULINARY ASSOCIATES can retain all or a portion of the retainer fee as liquidated damages.

Catering Contract

  1. I, Patron agree to pay for all guests attending this number cannot be less than for the number of guests guaranteed. CULINARY ASSOCIATES may limit services to the number of guests guaranteed or the number of guests CULINARY ASSOCIATES deems to be the maximum for the facility. Arrangement for additional guests and menu changes must be made at least five (5) business days prior to the functions and such final guarantee, whether oral or written, shall be binding on patron as if originally guaranteed. In no event shall guarantee be less than originally agreed upon.
  2. No event will be permitted to run over the time agreed upon without CULINARY ASSOCIATES approval. CULINARY ASSOCIATES reserves the right to make reasonable additional charges for events running beyond the time agreed upon. The agreed charge is $25.00 an hour each per staff.
  3. In the event patron cancels or otherwise breaches this agreement, Culinary Associates shall retain full deposit and/or any reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred by CULINARY ASSOCIATES of deposit for damages. A schedule of cancellation charges follows
  4. Any balance due will be paid in cash, money order, electronic or company check within five (5) days of the start time of function.
  5. In the event that CULINARY ASSOCIATES must seek legal remedies to complete execution of this contract, the PATRON agrees to pay all reasonable attorney fees.
  6. When patron wants to supply any food on the premises to be served during contracted event, patron must secure written approval and endorsement of CULINARY ASSOCIATES before such food will be allowed on the premises.
  7. CULINARY ASSOCIATES reserves the right to substitute items that become unavailable in the open market or that exceeds reasonable market costs will notify CULINARY ASSOCIATES patron for approval if time allows.
  8. CULINARY ASSOCIATES and/or its agents will be liable for any damage to property entrusted to its employees, for the loss of any property by theft or otherwise. Patron assumes responsibility for any damages to any property rented to patron that may be caused by patrons, members, guests or invitees.
  9. CULINARY ASSOCIATES shall have no responsibility or liability for failure to supply any services when prevented from doings so by strikes, accidents or any cause beyond CULINARY ASSOCIATES control, or by orders of any governmental authority, except to return said retainer fee within sixty (60) days.
  10. LEFTOVERS /in accordance with appropriate Health Codes. CULINARY ASSOCIATES reserves the right to discard any leftover items, after the agreed upon event time table, where there is a reasonable risk for food borne illness to occur.
  11. Beverages/ PATRON assumes the right to provide all or part of the bar/non and alcoholic beverages supplies as needed. CULINARY ASSOCIATES may also provide non and alcoholic beverages service or Bar Support as previously agreed upon. In the event that there are unconsumed and or unopened non and alcoholic beverages CULINARY ASSOCIATES will defer to PATRONS instructions. If no instructions are given to the coordinator prior or at event CULINARY ASSOCIATES will remove all items from the premises in order to restore location to previous conditions.
  12. Rentals of any kind secured to create the event is agreed upon and charged to the Patron. The Patron is responsible rental damages done by event guest. Culinary Associates maintains responsibility for damages caused by their staff.
  13. Floral arrangements, and equipment ,purchased or rented to create the atmosphere or decor requested is agreed upon and charged to the Patron. Floral request is subject to availability. CULINARY ASSOCIATES will make earnest attempts to comply with request within reason. Instructions must be given to Event Coordinator on what to do with floral arrangements by Patron by event end. If no instructions are given CULINARY ASSOCIATES will determine based on their discretion and rented items will be returned to CULINARY ASSOCIATES.
  14. Tastings: To the discretion of Culinary Associates , a tasting can be provided for two guests, this is also a time for planning, question and answers. There is one tasting per booking. Additional tastings will result in additional fees.